Rolls Dimensional Sectioning
Rolls Dimensional Sectioning

This educational document is key to understanding how to create DIMENSION using multiple hair colors.

Details about the ROLLS areas of the head are brought to your attention in relation to selecting sections of hair for color placement in order to achieve dimensional hair coloring results.

This document is a must for any Colorist who views hair coloring as an ART form and who is interested in creating dimensions with hair color.

Document includes an original graphic image showing the different areas of the head from two views of the head.

Star Point Sectioning
Star Point Sectioning

This document dives away from the traditional foiling placement sectioning and enters into a whole new realm.

The STAR POINT SECTIONING document will assist you in not only sectioning hair for multi-color hair colors, but for advanced multiple color one process hair coloring too!

While the STAR POINT SECTIONING is easy to understand, details are given as to how this sectioning effects the end results for both foiling and one process or a combination there of.

Consider this educational document a step towards an advanced course in the Art of Coloring Hair.

Document contains an original graphic image showing two views of the head with STAR POINT SECTIONING.

Color Placement Map
Color Placement Map

This document contains a COLOR PLACEMENT MAP that allows you to keep track of the FOIL PLACEMENTS and the COLORS used so that the multi-color foiling work can again be re-created and/or touched up during the next multi-color foiling application!

This document contains a COLOR PLACEMENT MAP graphic image that you can print out and copy for your individual use.

The COLOR PLACEMENT MAP graphic image contains two views of the head so you can sketch in the foil placements used. It also contains areas at the bottom of the page for you to write in Colorist Name, Client Name, Date of Color Service, Hair Color Formulas Used, and Details.

This is a full page size COLOR PLACEMENT MAP Client card!

A must for anyone who wants to have an excellent reference page to refer to when the multi-color foiling Hair Color Client returns for a touch-up! Copying of graphic for individual use only.

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