SWATCH documents / Hair Color Ideas

The My Bella Color Hair Color SWATCH documents provide Hair Clients with hundreds of hair color ideas, and help the Hair Client get the new hair color she wants!

The My Bella Color Hair Color SWATCH documents offer Hair Clients the largest online collection of beautiful, modern Hair Color ideas. Hair Client can sort through Hair Color ideas for multi-color Blonde hair color combinations, Hair Color ideas for multi-color Brown hair color combinations, Hair Color ideas for multi-color Cool / Ash hair color combinations, Hair Color ideas for multi-color Red / Auburn hair color combinations and Hair Color ideas for multi-color High Contrast hair color combinations.

Being a Hair Client in need of a new hair color idea is FUN on My Bella Color!

The Hair Client can now find her new Hair Color and also hand over the details to the Hair Colorist.

Each My Bella Color SWATCH document contains the corresponding multi-color swatch image and full color descriptions of the 4 hair colors that appear in the swatch. To help the Hair Client best explain HOW to get the hair color chosen, each swatch document also contains a placement map and step by step foiling instructions detailing the type of foiling technique(s) to use, which of the hair colors to use and where to place each of the colors within the foil sections per the areas (zones) shown on the placement map.

Once the Hair Client has chosen her favorite Hair Color ideas, the corresponding SWATCH documents can be purchased and provided to the Hair Client’s Hair Colorist.

The Hair Colorist can also gain access to professional instructions on how to create the multi-color hair color from purchasing the corresponding multi-color Swatch FORMULAS document.

The Swatch FORMULAS document further helps the Hair Professional custom mix hair color formulas for the Client’s natural or previously colored hair. 80 custom hair color formulas are included in each Hair Professional’s multi-color Swatch FORMULAS document.

Combining the Hair Client SWATCH documents with the Hair Professional having the corresponding Swatch FORMULAS document, the Hair Client and Hair Professional can enjoy co-creating a new mutli-color, modern hair color!!

Please keep in mind that the Hair Client can only purchase the SWATCH documents.
Hair Professionals, who have registered for a free My Bella Color membership can access all of the Hair Professional multi-color Swatch FORMULAS documents.

HAVE FUN! And ENJOY creating your new hair color!!!


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