Multi-Color Hair Color Swatch Names

Please NOTE: Each Swatch document and Swatch Formula document is named the same if they each refer to the SAME multi-color hair color SWATCH image. For example, there is a Blonde #1 SWATCH document for the My Bella Color Hair Client and a Blonde #1 SWATCH FORMULAS document for the My Bella Color Cosmetologist. In this example, each document pertains to the BLONDE #1 swatch image.

This is done so a Hair Client that selects a My Bella Color SWATCH document can easily share a product link with his or her Hair Stylist / Hair Colorist so they can purchase the corresponding My Bella Color Cosmetologist SWATCH FORMULAS document and help that Hair Client achieve similar results to the multi-colored hair color swatch selected by their Hair Client!

In the above example, Blonde #1 SWATCH document contains the SAME SWATCH IMAGE, but the CONTENT of the corresponding Blonde #1 SWATCH FORMULAS document is EXPANDED, as described above, for Licensed Cosmetologists and Cosmetology Students.


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