Viewing and Printing Purchased Documents

ALL My Bella Color educational custom graphic documents are available for VIEWING ONLINE and PRINTING ONLY.

Please note that the colors present in your monitor, whether it be cell phone, pad, tablet, laptop, tv, etc.,… the colors present are present based on the settings of that device.

It is our continued goal to help you re-create gorgeous images so that you, too, can create a portfolio of custom multi-color hair coloring swatches.

All PDFs have been prepared with RGB color setting as true to real life as possible for the devices tested on.

Therefore, we ask that you also do your best to properly adjust your color settings and carefully select the choose of professional photo paper when printing the document graphic pages.

Text pages can be printed on regular paper, but we highly recommend you use professional photo paper for your color prints.

Please note that shadows appear under the text as if the page has a light source.  This is due to the page being shot as an IMAGE within the secured PDF.

Brightness on text pages can be adjusted if so desired.

ALL pages in ALL PDFs are images for security purposes.

The email address you provide will be imbedded within the PDF documents you purchase.


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