What will I learn from online Hair Color and Hair Cutting education?

Through the My Bella Color™ online educational products Licensed Cosmetologists and Cosmetology students can:

  • Build a new, stable foundation in Hair Coloring and Hair Cutting
  • Improve visual understanding of the Art of Coloring Hair and the Art of Cutting Hair
  • Expand Hair Coloring Foiling Techniques
  • Improve and increase Hair Coloring application skills
  • Improve and increase control over formulating multi-color hair colors
  • Learn to achieve custom, multi-color Hair Coloring results
  • Improve and increase Hair Cutting skills
  • Expand Hair Cutting Techniques
  • Improve and increase control over custom designing Hair Cuts

“To know a trade so well. To know a trade inside and out and up and down. To know theory and application so well that the trade then becomes an Art Form. This takes a thorough understanding of the element being worked on! It also takes a thorough understanding of the many mediums available to work with that element! It also takes a thorough understanding of how and why these mediums work with the element! It also takes knowing about the tools of this trade! When these are combined, the Art Form can then be created, and the Artist can then prosper as an Artist within this trade.

Years of knowledge, experience and skill have and will continue to go into the making of the My Bella Color online educational custom graphic documents and videos so that I can completely apprentice “Fellow Talents” and aid the Hair Client’s understanding and participation in the Fine Art of Coloring Hair and the Fine Art of Cutting Hair.”

– Sharon Sovinski


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