Hair Clients can watch and learn how custom cuts are done by a Hair Designer, as well as find the haircut that they want and they can always refer their favorite custom hair cut video to their Hair Stylist!

From fine hair to naturally curly, thick, long hair, the My Bella Color Custom Haircut videos show the angles and dimensions designed as Hair Designer Sharon Sovinski uses a wide range of Hair Cutting Techniques from classic scissor cutting, scissor slicing, scissor notching, scissor slide cutting, palm-to-palm scissor cutting, and razor cutting including razor slide cutting, razor featuring and razor notching.

Watch as the vantage point of the camera shifts as each, individual scissor or razor cutting technique is captured from one of 3 camera angles!

Elongated Stacked A-Line Bob Custom Haircut Video
Elongated Stacked A-Line Bob Custom Haircut Video

This Elongated Stacked A-Line Bob Custom Haircut transforms flat, shoulder length hair into a multi-angled, voluminous A-Line angled, mid-length bob as Hair Designer, Sharon Sovinski strategically places and cuts the angles using classic scissor cutting, palm-to-palm scissor cutting, scissor point cutting, scissor slicing, and back-handed scissor slicing!

Watch and understand how the different ANGLES are selectively chosen and combined to create custom dimension resulting in directional MOVEMENT, SHAPE and VOLUME!

Featured on mid-length naturally wavy hair. Filmed using three cameras.

Enjoy the music credited to

Fine Long Tendrils Custom Haircut Video
Fine Long Tendrils Custom Haircut Video

Watch from three different camera angles as Hair Designer, Sharon Sovinski transforms bulky, naturally thick, coarse, long curly hair into finer, softer looking and lighter-weighted long hair tendrils without the resulting hair looking like “typical layers”. Watch as Sharon combines classic scissor cutting, scissor slide cutting and razor slide cutting to create soft, non-blunt layers that naturally spiral into long tendrils with volume and without frizz!

This hair cutting video is a must see for Ethnic women who have thick, coarse, naturally curly long hair and want to SOFTEN the look and feel of their hair while enjoying light weight volume without appearing “layered” or “chopped”.

Watch and enjoy the music as credited to

Layer Elevation Custom Haircut Video
Layer Elevation Custom Haircut Video

When the Hair Client complains that her hair is long and hanging flat, but doesn't want to lose length, but must have VOLUME added back into her hair, without looking like her hair has been layered, then THIS IS THE HAIRCUT for that Client!

Watch as Hair Designer, Sharon Sovinski, strategically selects, and custom designs severe angeles with unique elevation, and placement of precision scissor slicing and severely angled classic scissor cutting as the hair is transformed into VOLUME without looking chopped into or overly layered! Watch as the hair becomes FULLER while looking like the length is LONGER!

If you are looking for NEW techniques on how to create LAYERED ELEVATION, then this video is a MUST WATCH!

Each selection of hair to be cut is shown from the best camera angle to reveal exactly how the hair selection is chosen and the technique used. This is a must see, over and over and over!

Petal Layers Custom Haircut Video
Petal Layers Custom Haircut Video

When the Client with grown out long hair asks for layers that flow and do not look choppy, then it is time to dive in and create PETAL LAYERS!

Watch as Hair Designer, Sharon Sovinski carves Petal Layers, using Classic Scissor Cutting and Scissor Slicing, into naturally wavy, long hair to create extremely soft, and well blended layers that result in a tremendous amount of flowing volume without the hair laying flat and looking “typically layered”.

Watch as the combination of strategically placed severe angles result fuller hair that bounces back UP into life without the look of hard-edged layers.

A must-see for any Hair Professional who needs a new way (Petal Layers!) to create “layers” without the resulting hair looking bluntly layered or hard-edged.

Filmed with three cameras.

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Swooping Layers Custom Haircut Video
Swooping Layers Custom Haircut Video

When the hair is long and thick and naturally wavy and the desired end result is a free-flowing blend of short to long layers, while keeping the length, then Swooping Layers is the perfect solution!

Watch as this 3 camera shoot reveals each carefully selected section of hair as Hair Designer, Sharon Sovinski Razor Slide Cuts dramatically angled layers into the hair using the Hair Razor.

Watch as the resulting, extremely angled layers smoothly blend from one into the other, creating fullness and volume without frizz!

A must see to watch and learn how long, thick, ethnic hair can result in soft, Swooping Layers, without the hair looking chopped, layered or frizzy.

Enjoy the music created by

Veil Blended Layers Custom Hair Cut
Veil Blended Layers Custom Hair Cut

Watch, it’s magic!

Watch as Hair Designer, Sharon Sovinski, strategically selects the sections of fine hair, manipulates the correct elevation and angle of the hair section before she Scissor Cuts precision angles into this fine hair,. Watch as not much hair has to be cut off, as the resulting volume extravaganza of fine hair naturally lifts itself up!

A must see for anyone with fine hair who needs to have volume and hasn’t been able to get it! Veil Blended Layers are the answer to the “How to put layers into fine hair?” question.

Enjoy the music of as you WATCH VOLUME come to life on fine hair!

Filmed using three cameras.

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