Goodbye Brassy Hair Coloring Results
Goodbye Brassy Hair Coloring Results

If you have dark hair and are interested in having highlights put into your dark hair, with the resulting colors having no warmth or red, then this document is a MUST for you!

If you have continued to see gold, orange or brassy hair colors in your hair after several requests to your Colorist that your hair NOT be gold, orange or brassy, then it is NOW TIME for YOU to learn the TECHNICAL REASONS as to why these colors continue to appear in your hair after it is colored! You will also learn what must be done to prevent these colors from appearing in your end results. Also included is an everyday solution to maintaining the correct hair color! Plus, original graphic images are included to help you better understand these technical reasons.

Never before has this amount of technical information been provided to Hair Color Clients. But, you must know this to understand what it takes to achieve the hair coloring results you desire.

An educated Client is a HAPPY CLIENT. A HAPPY CLIENT doesn't have unwanted gold, orange or brassy colors in her hair if she doesn't want it!

Removing Hair Color Pigment
Removing Hair Color Pigment

If you hair has been dyed too dark and you now want to have a lighter hair color then there is one thing that you must know! Hair color will not lighten previously colored darker hair color! Therefore, the permanent color pigment must first be removed correctly!

Too dark of permanent hair color CAN be safely removed from the hair leaving the hair shiny, healthy and ready to be re-colored.

If you have permanently colored hair and it is too dark, and you want to have lighter hair now, then this is the document that you must read before you visit your Colorist for the Hair Color Removal appointment.

Replacing Hair Color after Color Removal
Replacing Hair Color after Color Removal

This document is a MUST if you are going to have the dark color in your hair removed and your hair recolored! There is an actual technique that must be followed to have the resulting new color be absolutely shiny, healthy and even!

A very valuable document for the CLIENT who is about to have the existing dark colors in her hair professionally removed and the hair freshly colored! The color replacement instructions provided can be taken to the Colorist who will be doing the color replacement.

For color removal guidelines please refer to the "How to Have Permanent Dark or Black Hair Color Removed Safely" document.

Flat Ironing 911 - Effects on Hair Color
Flat Ironing 911 - Effects on Hair Color

This is a complete education for the modern woman who blow dries her hair using an anti-frizz shine serum and then flat irons her hair and wants to now have her hair colored!

If you are a frequent flat iron user and are about to have your hair colored then I suggest you purchase this valuable document!

The information provided is based on real-life hair coloring experiences. When coloring hair that contains metals, minerals and/or plastics the color can result with varying shades shades of blue, green and purple! This is fact based on experience with metals, minerals and plastics on the hair.

This document provides guidelines on how the hair should be treated prior to coloring. The information provided is intended to educate the Hair Color Client whose hair may contain metals, minerals and/or plastic resin and is about to have her hair professionally colored.

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