Modern Hair Color Options
Modern Hair Color Options

This educational document fully educates the Hair Color Client on the latest foiling and coloring techniques used today in high fashion hair coloring. It is designed to break you out of the one color process with highlights and bring your hair color into the modern realm of multiple hair colors!

Whether your desired look is extremely natural or extremely punky, this document lays out all of the terms used in Hair Coloring today so that the Client can easily understand her hair color options and communicate them to her Colorist.

Saturated with information and original graphics, this document is a must for any Hair Color Client who wants to KNOW ALL ABOUT HAIR COLORING TODAY and get results from her Colorist!

Consider this document Advanced Hair Color Client 101!

Light to Dark Cascading Hair Colors
Light to Dark Cascading Hair Colors

This document came about by popular demand! Hair Color Clients have asked over and over, "How do I get my hair color to be lighter on the top and darker underneath?" and "Do you have pictures of hair color with light on top and dark colors underneath?".

The answers are ALL here! Pictures of varying degrees of contrasted hair colors and color placement instructions are provided so that you - the CLIENT that WANTS COLOR CONTRAST - can now create your new look and get your Colorist to create it for you!

4 different color placements are provided in an original graphic so that you can decide on HOW MUCH CONTRAST or HOW LITTLE CONTRAST you want to appear in your hair. Written in terms that are easy to understand.

This document puts you in charge of designing your new original CONTRASTED HAIR COLORS, understand the placements that must be done and able to fully communicate this to your Colorist!

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