Getting the Hair Color you WANT!
Getting the Hair Color you WANT!

This educational document definitely calls a "spade-a-spade" and cuts right through to the chase! Raw and real, experienced Master Colorist, Sharon Sovinski lays out the RULES on how a Client can be a GREAT HAIR COLOR CLIENT and thus receive the best work possible form her Colorist.

Sharon cries "Uncle" on the first page because she is one of the first to educate a Client on how to be a Hair Color Client. The RULES are laid down stone cold and it is only fair that you - the CLIENT - get a chance to learn them!

This is HOW to GET the HAIR COLOR RESULTS you want because you know how to be a GREAT CLIENT and what to do and not to do!

Consider this educational document HOW TO BE A HAIR COLOR CLIENT 101.

How to Choose a Hair Color
How to Choose a Hair Color

When it comes to choosing a hair color that is right for you this document covers all the bases!

This educational document is designed to help you correctly choose the right hair colors for you based on your budget, the "look" of the color, your skin tone and eye color! Additional information is also provided on how your new hair color will look under different types of lighting!

Original graphics of skin tones and hair colors are provided as a visual aid in forwarding your understanding of choosing a new hair color!

Extremely valuable information at a very affordable price!

A must for any Client who has asked, "How do I choose a hair color that is best compliments my skin tone and eye color?"!

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